How I Finally Eliminated My Agonizing Chronic Neck Pain
Struggling With Poor Posture and Neck Aches? This Changed Everything for Me

Written by Kieran Washington - Published on March 28, 2024

Note: This will prevent you from taking more pills/drugs and potentially fully avoid high-risk surgery.

I spend countless hours hunched over a computer or mobile screen and have been dealing with constant neck pain and tension.

Not only that, my posture is now really bad.

I didn't need anyone to tell me I needed to get help as fast as possible.

And when you leave neck pain or hump untreated, it can worsen over time and become chronic.

That way inflammation and muscle spasms continue, which can lead to more severe and persistent pain.

It can end up affecting your daily life and can make normal activities like turning your head, looking up or down, driving, working on a computer, and sleeping difficult and uncomfortable.

And because I knew I didn't want it to spiral out of control, I started looking for a solution to eliminate the neck pain.
That's When I Came Across Dr. James Arthur, A Renowned Neck Pain Specialist
He has spent years creating innovative solutions to help people with all kinds of pain.

His website was full of glowing testimonials from grateful patients claiming he saved their quality of life.
The Real Root Cause of Chronic Neck Pain
Here is something he explained...

"There's no single cause of chronic neck pain. That's why it's so hard to treat."

The neck contains a complex network of nerves that interconnect.

The most important are the cervical spinal nerves. When these get pinched or compressed, that's when pain strikes.

Then there are the neck muscles themselves. When they tense up and knot, they put pressure on nerves, leading to pain.

In addition, the cervical discs act as cushions between neck vertebrae.

As we get older, these discs wear down, causing bone-on-bone friction and discomfort.

So the real culprit is usually a mix of pinched nerves, tense muscles, and damaged discs.

One-dimensional solutions fail because they don't address everything.
But the good news is...
Dr. Arthur Revealed A Way To Treat All Causes of Neck Pain At Once For Lasting Relief!
"The key," he said, "is releasing pressure on nerves while relaxing tight neck muscles."

This creates a cascade of relief telling muscles to unwind and loosen up.

But how? Traditional methods help but are slow. And if done incorrectly, they can make pain worse.

Dr. Arthur had partnered with VitaCrystal to develop an at-home traction device - the VitaCrystal Jade and Tourmaline Infrared Neck Pillow.

The VitaCrystal Jade and Tourmaline Infrared Neck Pillow is an innovative way to say goodbye to debilitating chronic neck pain.

This intelligently designed pillow gently stretches and decompresses your cervical spine to ease pinched nerves - one of the sneakiest causes of neck pain.
One of the standout features of this pillow is the use of high-quality tourmaline gemstones
The infrared heat from the tourmaline gemstones helps boost circulation to your poor strained neck muscles, delivering vital oxygen and nutrients to finally allow them to release tension and heal.

These invisible rays gently penetrate deep into the neck tissues, providing soothing heat that relaxes muscles and increases blood flow.

The gemstones also release negative ions, and negative ions can boost mood, mental energy, and alertness by increasing oxygen flow to the brain.

Plus, tourmaline has natural antibacterial properties - the negative charge of the stones helps inhibit bacterial growth and prevent odors in the pillow.

This ensures the pillow stays hygienic with regular use.

Tourmaline is also a highly durable mineral that maintains its infrared and ion-generating abilities for many years without losing effectiveness.

The stones don't require recharging or replacing.

So the tourmaline gemstones provide both infrared heat therapy and air purification/ionic benefits.

This enhances the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of the VitaCrystal Pillow on stiff, painful necks.
The VitaCrystal Pillow Is Unlike Anything Else I've Tried
Honestly, the VitaCrystal Pillow has been a total game-changer for me - nothing else compares.

This device stands out by targeting the root causes of neck pain - pinched nerves and tense muscles.

You'll experience true relief from that constant stiffness and soreness, restore your range of motion, and finally sleep soundly again.
Here's What Other VitaCrystal Pillow Users Are Saying:
"No more neck pain!"
No more neck pain!"
With my chronic all-over pain including neck pain from a car wreck, I'm always on the search for something non-medicine-related to help alleviate it. 

Plus, my daughter's pretty big on the powers of gems and crystals to help with health. I've never tried that, personally, so this bolster with jade piqued my curiosity.

- heavy-duty bolster with good stitching
- It's firm/hard
- not at all soft or comfy squishy. In fact, I use it sometimes instead of my old tennis ball, to place against body parts (especially my neck) where I need that "hurts so good" kind of intense, kneading pressure.
- Heats up, and the temp thing lights up, although I didn't find it simple to figure out the control, necessarily. It has a timer function so you don't have to worry about falling asleep and it staying on. (Sleep? What's sleep? 😂.)

- material is faux leather, wipe off-able- stones are affixed sturdily
- none seem like they'll fall off easily. They are a very light "foggy"ish jade, I guess, I forget the name for that kind? Not the bright 💚 green, Oz Emerald City kind 😂.I don't know if the jade will magically cure my pain. Let's hope so! Meanwhile, the heat and pressure help. And it looks 👍nice.

- Alexis P. Texas, USA
"I endured my chronic neck pain for so long.."
"I wish I had this a long time ago!"
 I convinced myself to give it a try because of all the listed benefits of using it.

It took me a few days to adapt to using it. But once I got used to it, I will not switch back to any soft pillows because it is very supportive The negative ions generated all night long help me sleep better and my chronic migraine headache has been greatly reduced.

Imagine this- you can sleep better, and decrease your migraine headache without using any drugs or even electricity for the rest of your life...I am sold and I ordered another one 3 days later for my sister on 29 Jan 18. My sister caught a bad flu lately and she couldn't even get out of bed on the worst days. So she didn't wash her hair for a few days. To her surprise, her hair didn't smell or stick together like it should be. The negative ions generated from the pillow help - just like the negative ion machine helps clean the air. What more can we ask for?
Don't hesitate to get one for yourself or your loved ones.

- Railene R. California, USA
​Provides long-term healing in your neck. Guaranteed.
Just imagine waking up and turning your head side to side smoothly and pain-free.
Or sitting at your computer without gritting your teeth to endure neck spasms.

The VitaCrystal Pillow makes this a reality.

You can now enjoy a full night's restful sleep without neck pain waking you up.

Instead of:

❌ Wincing with every turn of your head

❌ Suffering stiffness

❌ Rubbing fruitlessly at sore "kinks" 

❌Popping painkillers

 ✅ Just the freedom to move easily and do what you love.

You could simply wake up refreshed, full of energy, ready to enjoy life again!

Its portable size allows you to use it at home, the office, or even while traveling so relief is always at your fingertips.

Treat yourself to peaceful, painless mobility and comfort.

Your neck has suffered long enough - the VitaCrystal Pillow is the easy, safe solution you've been searching for.

I'm really looking forward to you feeling this way too.

Compare with other products

Lasting Pain Relief

Lasting Pain Relief
Corrects Neck & Back Posture

Targets Knee Pain
Stops Chronic Neck Pain

Stops Bone-on-bone
Stops Neck/Buffalo Hump

Stops Bone-on-bone
Affordable & At Home

Affordable & At-Home
Provides Muscle Tension Relief

Prevents Muscle Atrophy
Natural & Drug-Free

Natural & Drug-Free
Over 13,000+ Happy Customers

Over 13,000 Happy Customers
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

✔️ 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Order the VitaCrystal Pillow Today and get these bonuses:
- FREE Best Selling eBook that shows you more proven ways to relief your chronic neck pain completely and naturally.

- Free Insured Shipping - Get your heated neck stretcher in the USA within a week.

- 24/7 Priority Support - Need help? We're here to assist you anytime of the day

- 60 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed - Not satisfied with the results? Send us a message before 30 days and we'll send your money-back hassle free!

Frequently asked questions

How long does shipping take?
We ship from several USA warehouses depending on your location. Average delivery time is 7-12 business days.
Is there a recommended time limit when using it?
With each purchase, we include an instruction manual. Please follow the guidelines. We recommend using our device for at least 15 minutes daily. Many of our customers achieve the best results by wearing it for 30 minutes each day.
How long until I see relief in my Knee pain?
Instantly! Our ThermoStretch will provide instant relief from pain & tension the first time you use it. This will also correct your neck & back posture naturally back to its normal shape. With consistent use over a two week period you will gain benefits that last a lifetime.
What if it doesn't work for me?
Our device comes with a 60 Day Risk Free Guarantee. We're incredibly confident that you'll get relief from your foot pain and tingling neuropathy with our device, but if you don't, please contact within 90 days of receiving the product.
What is your return policy?
We are confident that our products work, and we encourage you to try them first for 21 days minimum and experience the full benefits of MedicPure. If you are still unhappy and wish to return the items, you may do so after 21 days, and within the 60 days period covered by our money-back guarantee.

If you have purchased the extended warranty, we will immediately issue a replacement of the product even after 60 days.
100% Money-Back Guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, then you may return your order for a full refund with no questions asked. 60-days Money Back Guarantee.

With 8,000+ 5-star reviews, we pledge to provide you with the highest levels of value, quality, and personal service available, so your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

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  • Corrects neck posture almost instantly
  • Instant relief chronic neck pain & neck humps (no harsh pain killers)
  • Reduces Swelling & Inflammation
  • Science Backed & FDA Approved

  • Combines Heat Therapy & Human Simulated Massage

  • Your Own In-Home Physical Therapist (Save $1,000's Annually!)

✔️ 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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