Cortadora y rebanadora de frutas y verduras 7 en 1 GT-Chopper – Home Garden Trends

Cortadora y rebanadora de frutas y verduras 7 en 1 GT-Chopper

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¿Estás cansado y harto de cortar y picar verduras mientras preparas las comidas? ¿Alguna vez has pensado cómo puedo hacer esto más fácil y mejor?

¿Quieres que tus verduras sean más interesantes y atractivas, especialmente para tus hijos? ¡Tenemos la solución!

Necesitas el GT-Chopper para resolver tus problemas de cocina.

  • No más pasos agotadores y problemáticos
  • Ahorre dinero y evite costosas verduras/frutas ya cortadas
  • No más perder el tiempo y perder la fe en tu propia cocina.
  • Deshazte de tus lágrimas durante el trabajo de preparación, literalmente
  • No más cortar y cortar en cubitos con todo el llanto, el desorden, el olor y la limpieza.
  • Drena fácilmente cualquier residuo o exceso de agua con la cesta.

Aprovecha al máximo tus verduras con lo increíble Cortadora/cortadora de verduras multifunción.

Ya sea que esté buscando hacer un salteado o una mezcla de verduras, solo le llevará unos segundos cortar las verduras en juliana.

Simplemente coloque las verduras que desea cortar en el recipiente y gire el mango. ¡Es tan fácil como eso!

Si gastas dinero en verduras ya cortadas del supermercado, ¡estás desperdiciando tu dinero!

  • Julianas, corta y rebana tus verduras con facilidad
  • Úselo en cualquier lugar y en todas partes
  • Las cuchillas de acero inoxidable apto para uso alimentario se mantienen afiladas con el tiempo, ¡incluso después de mil verduras!
  • Compacto, ligero y fácilmente almacenable
  • ¡Corta verduras duras como zanahorias y patatas con facilidad!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Robert W

Every part is perfectly planned out to fit together and work effortlessly; to come apart for ease of cleaning; then to quickly and precisely reassemble for use and storage.


This is definitely a life saver! I really like onions but I usually can't see by the time I am done dicing them. In comes the GT Chopper dicer to save my teary eyes. The plastic is not cheap looking or feeling, the parts are easy to clean and the dicer works well. Just place your vegetable and apply a bit of pressure and that's it. The photos say it all.


I hate leaving reviews but I must say that this our GT Chopper cooking tool is amazing. The blades are sharp and cut my prep time down by more than half. I recommend cutting most vegetables in half before you use this. shockingly it even Cuts potatoes with ease. I personally use this mostly for pico de gallo or O'Brien's style hash browns. Their customer service is quick and friendly. I have and will continue to recommend this product to friends and family.

Owen Knowles

I use it regularly to chop many different kinds of vegetables, including onions, celery, mushrooms and carrots. Works well for apples too. I find that it is a terrific time saver. I was concerned that some reviewers said theirs broke soon after purchasing. Mine so far doesn�t seem at all prone to that. It seems like it is very well made. Whether this one is better than the other higher profile brand, I don�t know, but my buying instincts told me that this one probably was the best.

J Humphreys

I love this chopper. It definitely is sharp, but it has to be in order to cut through vegetables. It even cuts tomatoes. Someone mentioned putting the meaty part of the vegetable down and the peel up. That is great advice. Definitely don't touch the blades with your fingers! Don't let your kids play with this � � it is sharp enough to cut vegetables, so it will definitely cut little fingers.�

Pam Winn

I've only used this once...since it just arrived yesterday. There are some foods I love to eat but just hate preparing. It takes me a long time to dice and I like finely diced veggies. I love chopped salads but unless I am making enough to feed an army, it's not worth using the food processor. I made a chopped salad with this thing in a matter of minutes. While it's true I had to cut the veggies so they would fit, that is not an issue at all. Clean-up was a breeze. I have a beautiful chopped salad waiting for me. I ordered two, hoping I would like it. One goes in the motorhome. I will use this a lot. I am going to take this to my mother (85 years old) to see if she can use it. Arthritis makes dicing veggies difficult for her. If she can use it, I'll order one for her as well.


Well I just got it and immediately used it. It cut precooked sirloin medium rare steaks from sams club (by the way smiths sirloins tastes way better), celery, bell pepper, and onion. Added merlot wine, a bit of pot roast seasoning (mainly flour), garlic of course, salt and pepper, teryaki sauce, soy sauce. I honestly think i cooked it in like 15 minutes no more. Delicious. Absolutely loved the texture of the food although would be nice if they included one more larger hole cutter. This tool reduced my time by half and made everything MUCH easier and MUCH funner. Will see how the longevity is. I will change my review if not.

Carlos A. Ramos

I have used this 3x and boy I did not expect what I did. I made a salad in record time. I had no problems cutting any of the following veggies. Occasionally on the broccoli and the carrots, the blade would come out of its socket but I was not expecting those cuts to be smooth plus I put in large pieces so I consider it user error but in either respects, I popped it back in and adjusted the size of veggies so that it could cut without hesitation.

¡Te has suscripto satisfactoriamente!