High Pressure Power Washer Nozzle

Upgrade your ordinary utility-hose with this high-pressure power washer nozzle!

This premium-grade high-pressure powered hydro jet nozzle will definitely boost your work. It is designed to keep the water running in a powerful jet-like spray speed to make cleaning and garden watering faster with ultimate results!

The Nozzle

The pressure washer connects to any standard 3/4" garden hose. This allows for easy and convenient access when you need to use the hose. The attachment also comes with 2 nozzles - one for a narrow condensed spray, and one for a wide fan spray.

A Powerful Wash

It's amazing how an ordinary garden hose can transform into a powerful pressure washer. The attachment puts out a stunning 17LBS of PSI, giving the user a truly high-pressure stream and deep cleaning experience.

What To Wash?

The high-pressure spray opens a wide variety of things garden hoses or normal ways of cleaning wouldn't succeed. These include; decks, patios, driveways, stairs, vehicles, walls, homes, and many more outdoor stains.

Features:This High-Pressure Powered Washer Nozzle is the perfect replacement for your ordinary water-hose nozzle. It features a blue-colored handle to match its modernistic design. It also features a modernistic nozzle design that is enhanced and perfected with advanced high-pressure nozzle technology. Overall, it is a powerful hydro jet water spray nozzle that speeds-up your work time during the day.


  • Type: High-Pressure Power Washer Nozzle 
  • Design: Modern and Multifunctional Design 
  • Handle Color: Blue
  • Max. Spraying Distance: 15m


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