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🏆  Awarded "Best Outside Pressure Washer Cleaner" of 2022

Limpiador de superficies de alta presión

"This could possibly be one of my best purchases in a long while. It made the process of cleaning my driveway much faster and more effective"

"Mitchell D., US" 

Spend more time doing things you love and enjoy the convenience and satisfaction of completing your outdoor tasks yourself!

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Say goodbye to long hours of back-breaking cleaning! 

Quick, Easy and you'll have the cleanest outdoor surfaces in the neighborhood.

💸The perfect MONEY SAVING solution- use less water; works under high pressure, this means this requires less water to do the cleaning job than other traditional methods 

💯No Chemical or other cleaning equipment needed

👍Cleans 6X Faster than any other tools

Over 62,000+ Happy Customers

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(1,016+ 5 Star Reviews) and 62,000+ Happy Customers

The ultimate TIME and EFFORT saver!

Cleaner & Quicker- HGT's Premium Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner delivers professional level cleaning over an area 15” wide with two spinning nozzles instead of one, significantly reducing your cleaning time and water usage

Multi-Surface Cleaner- HGT's Premium Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner is perfect for cleaning large surfaces such as concrete, driveways, patios, decks, sidewalks and more. It can also be used to clean hard vertical surfaces like brick and stucco

Spotless Surfaces- HGT's Premium Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner eliminates streaks by keeping the nozzles at a fixed height from the surface, and cleans quicker and more efficiently than spray nozzles alone

User Friendly Experience- HGT's Premium Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner  not only ensures a superior clean surface but also provides a user-friendly experience. You can easily control the pressure and direction of the water stream, allowing for precise cleaning without any guesswork.

Enjoy effortless operation and achieve professional-quality results with ease!


Lifetime and does not leak.

✅More durable than the ones that use nylon/plastic bushings.

Ultimate Time and Effort Saver.

✅Clean vertical surfaces fast and easy with this multi-functional pressure washer cleaner!

Immediate return on the value.

✅Making sure your property is clean will increase the value up to 10%.

90-Days Money Back Guarante

Package Includes

1 X HGT Premium Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

Good Compatibility - HGT's Premium Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner has a 1/4" QD plug inlet, which can quickly connect accessories and is suitable for most high-pressure cleaners. The 1/4' inlet is equipped with an 80-mesh screen to prevent the rotating mechanism from being chipped block.

Versatile Cleaning Performance- With its ability to rotate at high speed using two 15° nozzles, HGT's Premium Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner is perfect for a wide range of cleaning applications. 

It excels at efficiently and effectively cleaning large areas like driveways, sidewalks, terraces, and decks, thanks to its 15-inch wide cleaning surface!

High QualityHGT's Premium Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner comes with one-piece aluminum alloy rotating body, ceramic wear pads and thickened plastics can ensure a longer service life of HGT's Premium Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner. Used for gas/electric pressure washer from 2,000 PSI and up to 3,600 PSI.


Will it fit my Pressure Washer?

Yes, as long as your pressure washer have 1/4 quick-connect and 2000 or higher PSI pressure.

Will this work on pavers or is it only for smooth surfaces?

Yes, works great on brick ,concrete, wood, fences and garage doors.

Can detergents be used with the surface cleaner?

Yes, the surface cleaner can be used with detergents.

Where does it come from?

We are proud owners of United States based company.

What is your Return Policy?

90-days Money Back Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

The pictures speak for themselves.

This thing is well worth the money. Its easy to connect to a standard pressure washer with the included quick connect. The operation and control is straight forward and doesn't really have much of a learning curve. Pull it out of the box, connect it to you pressure washer and slowly move it over the surface. Unlike a normal pressure washer tip that creates a mess and throws debris all over the place, this keeps everything centralized under the unit. Once you're finished with the area, simply hose off the debris and let it dry.

Works amazingly well!

I couldn�t wait to try this as soon as it was delivered and I was blown away at how easy and effective it was. I pushed it forward and the drew it back then moved over kinda like vacuuming and it cleaned a filthy driveway perfectly in those 2 passes. I didn�t even have to go real slow just steady. I took the advice of others by checking the plastic nuts that secure the housing. I could tighten it a bit but not much. After a short trial use, it hadn�t loosened at all. I decided not to permanently secure them in case I ever needed to change out the bearing.

Must have for a power washer!

This power washer head works amazing. I'm using it with a 3100psi power washer and it makes cleaning driveways a breeze! Even years of build up are gone. It saves sooo much time, saves the mess of debris splatters and instead of a nearly all day project I can clean my entire driveway and patio in just a couple of hours. I highly recommend getting an extension rod for your power washer wand as this unit "floats" so you don't want a short wand pressing down on it, the longer the wand the better it will float over the surface. 10/10 best investment ever!

G Smith
Great Value - Excellent Performance

Purchased this to do my driveway, sidewalk and patio and it worked flawlessly. The only thing I had to do was tighten the nut that holds the rotating wand to the plastic housing. After doing that it worked for hours cleaning. Did an outstanding job at cleaning the grit, grime and algae off my surfaces. One of the best things I love about using this is along the edges where you meet grass and/or mulch or small gravel. It doesn't spray it everywhere like you get when using a traditional nozzle. It cleans without all the extra mess. I love it. Don't know why I didn't get this years ago.

Worked better then expected

This thing worked excellent!.. A job that usually took me over 2 hours was done in about 45 mins. Better quality than I thought it would be.. highly recommend!

IT Guy
Works great with Ryobi 1900 PSI Pressure Washer - This will save you HOURS of work

I bought this to replace the Ryobi pressure washer attachment (after it broke and I replaced it twice.) I finally gave up and bought this one and my only regret is not buying it sooner.

I am using a 1900 PSI Ryobi pressure washer and this attachment works phenomenally. Watch the videos.

I highly recommend this for driveways or patios!

Pancho Galicia
Works good and good quality.

I bought this for the brand. It works good for the driveway and side Walk. I went to the deck with old rust oilum and not too good as the paint was thick and old. As I have tools I was able to thigh the big plastic nuts so the rotational tool doesnt spin. Other than that it was good.
Good: is good material. Cleans faster with less water. Requieres that you go slow so it covers correctly the pat.
Cons: the nut was loose but I had the correct tool to fix it. It doesn't have an extension so if you water gun is short you may have to be hunching.
Saves time and effort. Also when working it kind of float with the water pressure toward the floor.


I purchased this and the 3200 pressure washer. They work very well for a brand I hadn't heard of.

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