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Kit de elevación SlidePro™

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★ ¿Necesita mover muebles y electrodomésticos pesados ​​pero no quiere lastimarse la espalda en el proceso?
★ ¿Te gustaría reorganizar tus muebles de vez en cuando pero también los encuentras? ¿ Es difícil moverlos ?
★ ¿Está buscando una forma cómoda de mover muebles pesados ?
★ ¡Entonces no busques más porque tenemos justo lo que necesitas!
★ Este El juego de rodillos y elevador de muebles es exactamente lo que necesita.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Love Love and love this item. I am an older folk and work at a furniture shop constantly lifting and moving furniture my back is shot! I just started using this product and makes my life much easier. This is amazing!!

Dari b. Brown

I'm a 64 year old woman with arthritis in both hand who happens to be an antiques dealer and moves furniture all of the time. I needed to move three antique pieces that are tall and heavy (and that is after I emptied them out) across a carpeted floor. This snappy little tool allowed me to quickly and easily lift the corners and slip a slider under each making the move quick and smooth. Literally it took less then 2 minutes to lift and slip sliders under and move the heaviest piece (see middle desk in photo) 20 feet. I wish I had this tool decades ago as it would have made my 17 moves over the last 30 years so much easier. Best $20.00 have spent in a long time.


Speechless, I mean speechless!! I cannot for the life of me understand WHY this works but omg, this product is beyond AMAZING! I can't believe I have lived my life without this. It is THE BEST $20 you will ever spend!!! It is the most useful gift you could ever give to yourself and literally anyone else!
I went room to room in my house "testing" this on the absolute heaviest furniture I own and after lifting my solid wood king bed (frame and 6 ft. tall headboard) loaded down with box springs, a mattress, and tons of linens.... with a slight motion of my wrist?! Wow!! I sat on the ground in awe... I can barely pick up one side of just the mattress on my own!
A loaded down console with a 65" TV that I couldn't even budge lifted like a dream! Washer? Dryer? Those are light compared to what I tested this on and I still just cannot believe how amazing this is!!!
The only hiccup was that my console has legs where the base height was higher than the included lifters could reach. I put two books under them though and easy peezy! No problem whatsoever!
I cannot say enough great things about this product!! I only wish I knew about this sooner :(
You need this! Trust me! You need this!! Boxes, coolers, furniture, pallets... I dunno... firewood? on and on.... this is a home run!!

Chris Banks

This tool is great. My husband and I were able to move a very heavy upright piano from one room to another over a ceramic tile floor. It required a little bit of adjusting the wheels when crossing over wide grout but not a big deal. One of us could have done this but it was helpful to have one pushing while the other was guiding it through doorways and balancing the piano when hitting an uneven door jamb. The wheels are tiny and probably wouldn�t work on carpet but it was perfect for the tile.


I was skeptical when I ordered these - but for the price I took the risk. Very glad I did. It�s amazing! I needed to fix the vent hose (and remove several years of accumulated lint) from a stacked washer and dryer set that�s in a closet. Two decently strong men couldn�t get them to budge.

When this showed up I was even was even more skeptical - it�s oretty small.

But it easily lifted each front corner of the stacked set, and allowed me to get the sliders underneath.
I placed the wheels facing the sides so I could walk it back and forth and then once out of the closet I put sliders under the back facing the front. This made it super easy to move. I was able to move this heavy combo by myself in minutes!

Ralph Stevens

It's rare that my expectations are exceeded for a low-cost product that makes seemingly impossible claims. I needed to move a 200 lb cabinet by myself across a somewhat gritty, concrete basement floor. To complicate things, it had to be steered around a corner. Mission accomplished. The included jack let me safely lift each corner. The sliders have extended tabs on them so you can place them precisely without getting your fingers beneath the leg you are lifting. I was able to push the cabinet myself with just fingertips. It glided with little effort. To go around the corner I had to manually turn each caster using the molded-in handle to the direction I wanted to go next. I moved the 200 lb cabinet, a heavy workbench and a 10' long steel shelf in under 20 minutes.


Love the versatile lifter, which can be adjusted to an infinite variety of heights....At first, I thought that it's short lever arm would be a negative and make it difficult to lift very heavy objects - but that wasn't the case at all. (the shorter lever arm actually was a plus because I could more easily maneuver and position the lifter in relatively tight spaces...)


These worked better than I expected... they took the weight and moved just fine... in one direction. There was no way to turn the 650lb item... these sliders only move in a straight line. I'm not sure how many people intend to move really heavy items in only one direction, but that's not what I was doing. I was moving this 650lb item, down a hall, around a corner, into another room, turning it around to face the correct way... and these sliders only move back and forth... no turning, no spinning. They took the weight and made it easy to move back and forth... but that was all...

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